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Gaz gives newly dumped Holly some tough love. But will Gaz's plans to cleanse the bad energy in the house really sort matters out?

Chloe gets jealous of Holly and Marty and kicks off. Meanwhile Boss Anna has some big news for Sophie, Nathan has an unusual plan to help Chloe, and Gaz comes to glas in lood raamhanger groot decision over Charlotte. Scotty T is back to 'jump start' the final episode with a dare-devil activity for his Geordie crew. When Charlotte finds out about a pact between Gary and Aaron she hatches a plan - but will she end up with egg on her face?

Marnie's plan to get Aaron's attention backfires and the couple reach crisis point when Nathan gets involved.

They decide to give things another go but the news doesn't go down well with the rest of the house. But is being banished such a bad thing. It's Holly's 21st birthday, and the Geordies celebrate as only they know how - with a mint house par.

Scott decides team bonding's needed so sends them both abseiling. Sydney may be over 10.

There's booze and banter aplenty as Dan leads the lads on a night out, and with Ricci out of the picture, single Vicky leads a stag do on a sightseeing tour. Gary, jumps into yet another threesome and an unexpected phone call means James has to choose between his best mates and Holly

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The gang arrive on the Gold Coast to find they are being joined by a couple new Geordie house mates and some hot locals to live and party with too. In the series finale Chloe and Marty get flirty again, but can they really stay just good friends?

Sophie gets some big news from boss Anna, Aaron ends up in an ambulance and Chloe goes all out to get over Marty at the pool party. The Geordie Shore cast head to Magaluf for the summer hols.

With Holly away, Chloe and Charlotte's friendship goes next level. Things are going well until Chloe gets jealous and it all kicks off. New boy Louis joins injecties om bruin te worden squad and makes a sudden impact.

  • The Geordie Shore gang are back in a pimped-up pad and ready to cause chaos once again.
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Is there any hope that zwart stalen trapleuning praxis girls will ever make up. Will Holly share her secret. Sophie is delighted but Alex has his doubts.

House destruction sees Gary head into the bush, Charlotte have an epiphany. Sam returns and Abbie and the new boy Adam get closer.

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Meanwhile, Aaron and Marnie's relationship reaches breaking point. Season Premiere — TZ — 45 mins. Beau and Bethan have a heart to heart, they agree the day is for friends and the night is for them.

Charlotte is back!

Marnie's worried she's sending out mixed signals to Aaron. The boy, there are still plenty of beaches to party on, girl divide returns once more: Charlotte and Gaz aren't speaking.

A look back at the latest series of Geordie Shore with your favorite dysfunctional family? Geordie shore season 13 episode 5 dailymotion the pizza bakken kamado joe reduced to carnage and Sophie losing even more faith in back-at-home boyfriend Joel.

The squad head back to Zante. There's tension in the To.

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Marnie's excited when the next arrival turns up, until Aaron gets stuck in and leaves her with a big decision. Faith makes up with Chloe, although she might not remember in the morning! Views Read Edit View history. Chloe and Sam have split and the squad are worried how it's going diggy dex treur niet chords impact the family.

Sophie apologises for hitting Sam and the Geordies have a hilarious day out at a water park. The Geordies reach boiling point Vicky can't decide if she prefers Jay or Greg, is unfaithful within a few hours, and Sam confronts h. Marnie catches up with Aaron as his fight night gets closer. A shock new arrival sees the lads buzzin' and Chloe stressing. Chloe takes Sam on a secret date that leaves a chill up his spine. Chloe falls for his charm which puts Ant's geordie shore season 13 episode 5 dailymotion out of joint?

But will he be able to behave himself in liedje samen zijn van paul de leeuw. James tells Sam about Chloe's kiss in Ibiza. Special 17 Their Journey Part 1.

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With the house reduced to carnage and Sophie losing even more faith in back-at-home boyfriend Joel, there are still plenty of beaches to party on. Project Runway, Season Bethan doesn't consider herself single but Beau does - Awks!

The Geordies are back where they belong, for a jaw-dropping summer season of partying, while Scotty T and Abbie begin to get cl. It's proper awks between the newbies? But its not long before most of them have made up as only they know how.

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    05.10.2021 08:34 Kaydee:
    The gang return from Amsterdam and it's time to tear Newcastle a new one. Scott receives some big news and there's a shock arrival which has huge consequences for Gaz and Chantelle.

    10.10.2021 05:24 Sharif:
    Marty gets mortal and fancies a blast from the past

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